Live Streaming

We offer a wide range of live streaming services. We have experience in both indoor and outdoor events and have produced live streams from the middle of a field!   

As you can see from the photos we do lots of different events and we can make anything work! We can also add graphics onto your stream as you can see from the photo, these automatically updated as the runner crossed the line using our clients timing system. this works great for sporting events and we would be very happy to work with any company (or we can create them in house) to create live graphics like this to work with your event/technology. 

We strongly believe that live streaming is the future of events and we would like to bring this service to anyone. weather you have a few relatives that can’t make a wedding or you’d like to reach a bigger audience at your sporting event we can help!

Although we recommend that you contact us and ask for a quote we have included a rough guide to advice you on our pricing, but please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a more comprehensive quote.


Small Event – From £100

This includes a couple of wired cameras with a laptop for some basic graphics.


Bigger Event – From £200

This includes 4 cameras a few laptops for graphics, mixing audio a sound console and some microphones. and there is an option for a wireless camera for an extra cost .

As mentioned above this is only a basic price and we recommend you contact us for a quote. These prices are also only equipment. We can provide a exact quote including crew and consumables once we know more details.